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Why choose a golf umbrella?


If you want to make a relatively high-end advertising umbrella gift on the market now, it should be the most suitable golf umbrella! Why is this? What is so high-end special about it?

There are also ordinary and high-end golf umbrella styles. We don't need to introduce the ordinary ones here. The quality is almost the same as our other style umbrellas, but they are larger and more durable. But the high-quality golf umbrella is different, it has all the characteristics that ordinary umbrellas, ordinary golf umbrellas do not have!


High-end golf umbrellas usually use high-grade waterproof and sun-proof 210T impact cloth as the umbrella surface. This kind of cloth feels particularly comfortable. The high-end golf umbrella is strong and durable, why is it durable? Because an umbrella is durable and not durable, the most important thing to look at is the umbrella umbrella. If the umbrella frame is made of iron, it is generally common. Although iron is also durable, the disadvantage is that it is easy to deform and easy to rust. Umbrellas are different, because the fiber material has strong toughness and is not easy to break and rust. Basically, the middle-section golf umbrella or double-layer golf umbrella, these high-end golf umbrellas, mostly use all-fiber umbrella stands. , High-quality thick glass fiber rod with glass fiber skeleton! This makes it's durability to the next level!

Furthermore, the umbrella cover of the golf umbrella is generally made of the same fabric as the umbrella surface and matched with a shoulder strap design, which is integrated and convenient to carry high-end and high-end! And its umbrella tail is generally made of imported high-strength engineering plastic and inlaid with anti-skid particles, lightning protection does not fall off, does not fall against the wall, and is convenient to store!

Finally, the workmanship of the high-end golf umbrella is different from other ordinary umbrellas; its workmanship is more delicate, why is this? In the process of sewing the umbrella surface, the umbrella surface of ordinary umbrella carts is usually only about 6 stitches, while for golf umbrellas, 8 stitches are required. This guarantees the density of the umbrella surface. Umbrellas are not prone to leaking. Furthermore, if you sew umbrellas, ordinary umbrellas usually have only 2 stitches and 2 threads and are knotted, while high-end golf umbrellas usually need 4 stitches and 3 threads and then knotted, which makes the seam of golf rainy year. The thread is not so breakable!

The length of the golf umbrella when the umbrella is stowed is 100cm. When the umbrella surface is opened, the inner diameter is 130cm and it is easy enough for 3 people. The whole golf umbrella is not afraid of being rained. The whole golf umbrella adopts a new concept and a personalized design. Every adult! It's meticulously built to show personal characteristics, unassuming, restrained, but durable and practical, one umbrella is enough!



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