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How to solve the problem of sun umbrella fading?


The effect of the advertising umbrella lies in the long-term advertising effect, so when choosing an umbrella, you must look for good quality. If it fades within a few days, the advertising effect will be lost.

Speaking of advertising umbrellas, nothing more troublesome than the support ability of advertising umbrellas and the fading of advertising umbrellas. The support power determines the overall lifespan of the advertising umbrella, and the fading problem of the advertising umbrella cloth is that although it is not related to the function of use, the faded umbrella cloth affects the appearance and often stops their manifestation early.


The fading of the advertising umbrella cloth is similar to the fading of the paint, which is also normal, but the severe fading is too scary (this is the connection between ugliness and scary). From the perspective of pigments, dark fabrics such as red, purple, green, etc. simply fade, while the color difference test result shows that the color difference between gray and off-white fabrics is small. The above statement has a condition that the quality of the pigment and the color fastness of the fabric are the same. Some pigments have very good weather resistance, and the process of weaving, dyeing and coloring is good. The problem of fading should be another matter.

Good advertising umbrella cloth is different from ordinary umbrella cloth in terms of pigment and printing and dyeing process, but the price is not at the same level. Therefore, the parasols on the market are basically ordinary umbrella cloth due to the price problem. Many people are willing to use a new umbrella cloth after a few years and are not willing to use high-quality umbrella cloth.

Of course, some manufacturers use shoddy products to obtain high profits without cleaning. Regarding this situation, customers should shop around before buying, specifically examine the various quality parameters of the advertising umbrella, and shop rationally and not be deceived by sweet words.



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