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How to repair the broken rib of the sun umbrella?


In summer, there is constant rain, and there are many opportunities to use umbrellas when going out, and it is common for umbrellas to break. If you encounter problems such as disconnection, broken bones, etc., whether to send it for repair or not, makes people very hesitant. In fact, most of the umbrella damage problems we encounter can be dealt with by ourselves. Next, I will teach you how to repair a broken umbrella bone.

Umbrellas are easily broken by the small caps on the side. Those small caps are attached to the steel frame inside. Due to the wind blowing, the frame is loose and the cap eyes are loose. In this case, the way to deal with this is to find a little thin cloth or plastic, and stuff the eyelet and steel bar together. This way the umbrella can be used continuously.


The joints of the umbrella steel bars are broken. This is also a common situation. When the umbrella is opened, one or more sides will collapse. In this situation, the solution is to find a pair of pliers. Needle-nose pliers are more convenient to use, as well as wire. Observe carefully and find that the iron cap that connects the damage is removed and replaced with iron wire. Tighten it with pliers, and pay attention that the end of the wire should be turned inward so that the umbrella is not pulled and scratched.

There is also a situation that the position of the shrink card of the umbrella is broken. After the umbrella is opened, it will always be automatically put away if it fails to jam. You can’t always hold an umbrella while walking! To deal with this situation, cutting tools such as fruit knives are generally required. Flatten the card slot when it is opened. Due to the total use and the hazard of windy weather, the card slot is uneven, rounded, and the umbrella cannot be stuck. Use a knife to flatten the plastic card and then it can be processed. General problems can be dealt with using these methods.

In addition to the above-mentioned conditions that need to be repaired, there are also several conditions for the umbrella: the small iron wires that form the ribs of the umbrella can be bent when the wind is strong. If the handle is rusty, it is easy to cause unsmooth opening and closing. Use a small screwdriver or toothpick to moisten the lubricating oil on the handle joint, and then open and close it several times.



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