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Maintenance points and cleaning methods of sun umbrellas


Advertising parasol is a commonly used advertising product. In corporate publicity activities, not only can it provide the staff with the effect of sunshading and sun protection, but the advertising information on the umbrella can also be publicly displayed to the pedestrians. To the purpose of brand image establishment. Today's editor mainly introduces the key protection and cleaning methods of advertising umbrellas, hoping to help users better apply products.

The key to protection of advertising umbrellas

When adjusting the angle of the universal swivel, hold the umbrella pole with one hand, and hold the far end of the universal swivel with the other hand, remember not to pull the umbrella pole violently.

The umbrella is divided into two straight poles and three foldable sections. When you arrive at the fishing spot, choose less bricks and stones. Insert two sections first, stabilize the bottom, and then install the main umbrella.

When the wind is strong, pay attention to the use of wind-proof ropes, adjust the angle of the umbrella surface together, avoid wind to reduce the resistance, remember not to put the umbrella on the top of the wind, simply blow the umbrella over when the wind is strong. Choose good quality products, the wind resistance will be much stronger.


How to clean advertising umbrellas

Method 1: Use the self-prepared cleaning solution to rinse. This cleaning solution is made of detergent, white vinegar and water. Using it to brush the umbrella can easily remove the stains. Rinse the umbrella with clean water.

Method 2: Use washing powder to soak the umbrella for a longer time, then use a soft brush to rinse and rinse clean. Remember to clean and clean the umbrella must be opened and dried.

The key to the protection of advertising umbrellas and the cleaning methods have been introduced. The introduction of the above article can help users better apply advertising umbrellas, and the correct protection methods can also effectively extend the service life of advertising umbrellas.



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