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How to buy a sun umbrella?


The scorching summer has arrived, and people who go out don’t forget to bring a sun umbrella to prevent ultraviolet rays. Sun umbrellas can generally prevent 95%. The market is big and there are more types. Shenzhen Sun Umbrella Factory analyzes and buys What kind of sun umbrella is good?

When shopping, you can pay attention to the product label, which should clearly indicate ‘UV protection’. In addition, there is a technical indicator, which is usually called the occlusion rate or UPF. This value should be greater than or equal to 40, and its UV pass rate should be less than or equal to 5%.

According to the national regulations on the "Ultraviolet Protection Performance Evaluation of Textiles", only when the UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) value of the umbrella fabric is greater than 30 and the transmittance of T (long wave ultraviolet) is less than 5%, the sun umbrella can be called As "anti-ultraviolet products". If the tag of the "sun umbrella" is only marked with anti-ultraviolet rays and there is no standard coefficient, this umbrella cannot be called a "anti-ultraviolet product", and its anti-ultraviolet function is also questionable.


When we buy sun umbrellas, we pay attention to the beautiful appearance, but the beauty is not the sun umbrella. Here we remind everyone to go to a regular store to buy, and don't be obsessed with appearance.



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