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How to distinguish the quality of folding umbrellas?


①Look at the umbrella cloth

To choose a good quality folding umbrella, you must choose a good umbrella cloth. There are also umbrellas and umbrellas here. Assuming that you are buying a parasol, it is recommended to choose the kind of fabric with silver glue or vinyl on the umbrella surface. A layer of silver glue on the umbrella can be used for sun protection. The effect of this kind of umbrella is vinyl parasol. Because the umbrella is covered with a layer of vinyl, it can achieve the effect of opacity and UV protection. If you want to buy an umbrella, you can choose the umbrella fabric fabric to be a little slippery. Generally, the umbrella surface is guessed by polyester fabric and nylon fabric, because the slippery fabric has a good rainproof effect.


②Look at the umbrella stand or rib

If you want to buy a parasol, you must choose a lighter umbrella stand, because parasols are generally used on sunny days and have low wind resistance requirements, so light umbrella stands are easy to use and carry; about umbrellas , Try to avoid choosing iron umbrellas. Generally speaking, according to the number of folding, umbrellas in the umbrella market are mainly divided into four categories: straight umbrellas (one fold), two (two) folding umbrellas, three folding umbrellas, and five folding umbrellas. The so-called multi-fold umbrella means that the umbrella frame (keel) can be folded several times. For example, a two-fold umbrella means that the umbrella stand can be folded twice. The frame, because it is easy to rust if you don’t pay attention to maintenance after it is used in rainy days, so try to choose those fiber or aluminum alloy umbrella frames. Not only is it simple, but also has a good windproof effect. It is ideal for use in rainy days.

③Look at work

A well-made folding umbrella has no extra thread on each side of the umbrella, and the connection between the pieces is seamless. Of course, such folding umbrellas are really expensive, so when we choose umbrellas, we try to choose crafted umbrellas. The so-called cheap goods are not good, and good goods are not cheap. This is also the truth. A good umbrella has a long service life and can also save a lot of money.

④Look at the umbrella head

In fact, most of the umbrella heads nowadays are made of plastic or EVA cotton, but some umbrella heads will choose iron in order to cooperate with the overall beauty of the folding umbrella. Therefore, we are buying. With the advancing of the times, the varieties of umbrellas are increasing. The more it is, the more it can be used.



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