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The difference between sun umbrella and umbrella


1. The weight is different. Compared with umbrellas, the umbrella frame of the umbrella is lighter, and some umbrella ribs are made of non-metallic materials.

2. Different materials. The appearance and materials of the umbrella are special, and the sun protection function is particularly good. In addition, the ability to block ultraviolet rays is also very strong. Sunny umbrellas are mainly used to reflect the sun's ultraviolet rays and heat insulation, while umbrellas are mainly waterproof.

3. Umbrellas with different colors can be lighter in color, because they are rain-shielding, while umbrellas are generally darker in color, mainly for UV protection.


The biggest difference between a sun umbrella and a sun umbrella is in its functionality: the main function of an umbrella is to prevent wind and rain, while the main function of a sun umbrella is to protect the skin from sun and ultraviolet rays.

Secondly, the difference between umbrellas and parasols lies in manufacturing materials and manufacturing processes: general umbrella umbrella cloth planning mainly considers water resistance, while parasol planning mainly focuses on anti-ultraviolet materials, and the workmanship is precise, and there are many beautiful embroidery printing and dyeing plans.

In addition, the general sun umbrella has the functions of both: sun umbrella = sun umbrella + umbrella, but under normal circumstances the sunshade effect is slightly weaker, and the sun protection effect is average. If it is a dry season area, use a sun umbrella; if it is a dry area, you can use a professional sun umbrella.



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